"To do great positioning and branding takes a unique blend of creativity and practical perspective. Alyssa has this talent which allows her to clearly see the lines between art and marketability. Her branding and positioning work continues to impress and motivate the target market that is being called to act."

Marco Emrich
CEO & President
SEDONA Corporation
Is your brand helping you sell?
The message that your marketing materials convey through your images and words will directly help or hurt your sales efforts. When marketing materials are strategically aligned, they become valuable company assets that work to help sell your offerings to prospects.

We can assess your existing brand or if desired, we can create a new one. To do this, we use an objective, research-based approach and couple it with best practices in graphic design and business writing. We’ll create a tagline (if you need one) that not only says what your company does, but that quickly conveys to your target market why they need to buy what you offer!
Example Client List: Branding & Positioning
Operational Alignment
Resources (OAR)

organizational and financial consulting
Fillion Landscaping
commercial landscaper in Western MA
Fashion Life You (FLY)
men's and women's personal style consulting
public software company providing customer relationship management (CRM) to banks and credit unions
Jones Events Consulting
event management company for events such as the Marathon Finish Line Festival
Berkshire Services
commercial cleaning company using environmentally safe techniques