"Mint Green Marketing helps businesses generate real revenue, real fast – all while building them them a powerful, competitive brand."

Bob Viamari
Founder & Co-Publisher
Cape and Plymouth Business
"Alyssa is the consummate marketing professional. She seems to have a 6th sense about what her clients are really seeking, even if they aren't able to present her with a structured game plan. She can see past the ''noise'' and get quickly to the issue at hand."

Sharlene Vichness
Language Directions
A second opinion to make more confident marketing decisions.
There is always pressure to make sure your marketing spend is going to have the highest ROI. Even if you do have a professional background in marketing, it can be difficult to put together a confident marketing plan. Its exhausting trying to know and keep up with the constantly changing tools and methods such as social media, mobile marketing, and video. Then figuring out if and how to apply it to your own organization can be overwhelmingly subjective. All of this makes it intimidating to defend your marketing decisions among peers that are vying for the same budget pool – while they simultaneously complain that sales are hindered due to a lack of marketing.

Mint Green can provide expert second opinions regarding your marketing strategy, assumptions and plans. We apply a thorough due diligence process to uncover any potential gaps and liabilities. We’ll provide you honest feedback and help you tighten the plan so you can confidently justify it to others – and to yourself.

Think of Mint Green as your personal marketing sounding board, an executive spotter, a second set of expert eyes and ears – to give you the utmost in marketing confidence.