Sharlene Vichness, CEO
Language Directions

"We make well respected oceanographic equipment. However, we needed marketing help to demonstrate this to our customer base while preserving the integrity of our commitment to science. Mint Green validated our marketing goals and brainstormed effective marketing programs that helped us reach our target audiences."

Alison Sargent
VP Marketing
McLane Research Laboratories
You want to confidently present the best marketing plan to your executive team, investors and/or Board.
We build data-backed, defendable marketing plans that tie directly to a company’s sales goals and overall business objectives. We will objectively assess your existing marketing plan or if you need, we can build you an entirely new plan. Our due diligence includes identifying market opportunities and requirements and then matching them with your company’s own capabilities and budget. Our marketing plans include a detailed list of recommended marketing activities along with the estimated costs, dependencies and time required to implement each program - whether you do them yourself or hire Mint Green to do it all for you.

The following services support a complete marketing planning process:

Market Analysis
A solid marketing strategy starts with a clear understanding of your market including the competition, thought leaders, history and trends. Information is gathered from primary sources such as your internal personnel , partners, customers, and non-customers (see below). Primary data is augmented with secondary sources from the internet and industry reports.

Marketing Asset Inventory & Audit
Your company may already have explicit marketing assets such as a logo, a website, a brochure, or a few whitepapers. You may also have implicit assets, such as an expert on staff, a large lead database, or a rich partner network. We will review each of these assets so that you know which assets are helping, which are underutilized, and which may be damaging your marketing efforts.

Customer/Non-Customer Interviews
We interview several customers to determine how your company is perceived in the marketplace. We can also speak with accounts that you didn’t win or customers you may have subsequently lost. This provides an invaluable perspective on why and how you can sell more effectively.

Example Client List: Marketing Plans
Construction Companions
project management support for home and business construction projects
Language Directions
accent reduction and other language services to improve job effectiveness
McLane Research Laboratories
oceanographic equipment manufacturer
Cite Systems
real estate software tools including good faith estimator
Visible World
distribution of real-time commercials to major TV networks and cable channels
Snow's Home and Garden
well-known, family business retail stores on Cape Cod