Alyssa Dver, Chief Confidence Officer
Mint Green Marketing
Alyssa's Publications & Appearances
"Alyssa is a dynamite marketing professional with a tremendous amount of knowledge to share and she does so freely, humorously, and dynamically with every audience I've witnessed. If you get a chance to attend one of her sessions, do yourself a favor and sign up!"

Corissa St. Laurent
Regional Development Director
Constant Contact
Your Marketing Dream Team
We are a virtually-operated, woman-owned company based in the Boston area. Each engagement is managed by our Chief Confidence Officer, Alyssa Dver, who is supported by a global network of subcontracted implementation experts. We draw from marketing professionals around the world to bring you the best available talent in the various marketing areas such as: social media, PR, design, copywriting, email marketing, video production, and more. In this way, we minimize overhead enabling us to offer you extremely high quality work at extremely competitive rates.

How we work:
Our proposals include specific milestones, delivery dates, costs and dependencies. These are identified up front to avoid surprises before, during, or after engagements. Weekly status is provided in your preferred format (phone, email, Skype, in person). Most projects are priced as a fixed-fee though we also offer hourly or retained engagement options.

Types of companies we support:
We have worked with companies of all sizes – from large public, multinational organizations to privately funded startups, investor-directed re-startups, and dozens of small businesses. They sell B2B and/or B2C, products and/or services, and they target a variety of industries such as financial services, human resources and IT.

With over 50% of our clients based outside the U.S., we provide international marketing experience enabling them to efficiently enter or expand into the U.S. market.

  • High tech products & services
  • U.S. market entry support
  • Financial services

Our client portfolio includes:
  • Nokia (Finland)
  • IBM / Telelogic (India)
  • EMC (U.S., MA)
  • NovaPost / PeopleDoc (France)
  • SmartSoft / Appriz (Costa Rica)
  • Invoice to Income (U.S., CA)
  • Sitrus (U.S. and Ukraine)
  • Assoc. of Int'l Product Mgmt and Marketing (AIPMM) (U.S. based)
  • Kurt J. Lesker Company (U.S., PA)
  • Sensedia (Brazil)
  • Mazel (Israel)

Why we rock:
  • We start with a well researched strategy so your marketing isn’t off the cuff or random. Its well thought
    out and defendable.

  • We focus on what is practical and impactful. Then we get it done quickly with top quality.

  • We have deep marketing and industry experience. Together with our prolithic passion for marketing,
    we are recognized experts that practice what we preach AND preach what we practice!

  • With every project, we bring a complete commitment to client satisfaction. Our goal is to have every
    client be a Mint Green showcase and evangelist.